International Conference on Transportation Research (ICTR 202) recognizes the importance of the individual and the value to be gained by knowledge sharing and heuristic learning. Our work is as much about engagement as it is about knowledge sharing. The following articulate some of our core values:

  • Research as a global asset –Research should be cherished, challenged and shared as it helps to provide an understanding of the world around us.
  • Collaborative spirit –It is our belief that people and organizations have the potential to be more effective when open to working with others.
  • Internationalism – No one cultural or part of the world has a monopoly on wisdom and ingenuity. International academic conferences, scholarly journals and training workshops are important vehicles to ensure that ideas are both disseminated and preconceived notions challenged.
  • Lifelong Learning – It is our belief that firstly we all need to be self-learners and that the road to learning is a continuous one.
  • Treading lightly – As global citizens we have a duty to ensure that the decisions we make are mindful of others as well of the natural world.
  •  Uplifting others –We should look for opportunities to support, encourage and celebrate the talents and achievements of others.