Who should attend?

The maximum benefit of attending this international conference shall be to those stakeholders with specific interest in:

  • the development, construction and management of asphalt technology;
  • sustainable infrastructure, environmental protection, materials technology, pavement and infrastructure structural design and evaluations;
  • IT in pavement, asphalt and infrastructure;
  • IT systems used in public transport and terminals;
  • energy reduction, aggregate recycling initiatives and highways design and maintenance
  • Mass transit and ride sharing
  • Travel Demand Management
  • Road user safety

The conference will be of interest to:

  • policy advisors;
  • environmental regulators;
  • infrastructure clients;
  • specifiers, planners and designers;
  • research centers, academia, local authorities;
  • highway-related consultants and designers; and
  • Materials suppliers, construction companies, contractors and educational institutions, researchers, academics, management consultants, corporate professionals, corporate trainers, government officials, representatives of think tanks, social service organizations, entrepreneurs, doctoral and master’s students