Condition of acceptance

  1. Papers will only be published in English.
  2. Each manuscript must be accompanied by a statement that it has not been submitted for publication elsewhere in English.
  3. Previous presentation at a conference or publication in another language should be disclosed.
  4. All papers are refereed and the Chief Editor reserves the right to refuse any manuscript, whether on invitation or otherwise, and to make suggestions and/or modifications before publication.
  5. ICTR 2019 only accepts and publishes articles for which authors have agreed to release under the terms of
    • Author allows the publication of the work submitted for the 1st ICTR 2019 Conference granting BRRL the non-exclusive right to:
      • Publish the work in printed format
      • Publish the work in electronic format
      • Publish the work online
    • The author retains the right to use their work, illustrations (line art, photographs, figures, plates) and research data in their own future works.
    • The author warrants that they are entitled to deal with the Intellectual Property Rights in the works submitted, including clearing all third party intellectual property rights and obtaining formal permission from their respective institutions or employers before submission, where necessary.
  6. ICTR 2019 shall furnish authors of accepted papers that will be included in the online conference proceedings with proof for the correction of printing errors. The proof shall be returned within 14 days of receiving the suggested corrections. ICTR shall not be held responsible for errors which are the result of authors' oversights
  7. ICTR 2019 is committed to publish all full-text articles online for immediate open access to readers and there is no charge to download articles/abstracts for their own scholarly use.