Bangladesh Road Research Laboratory (BRRL) was founded in 1952 and has been carrying out its function as a research and development (R&D) organ of Roads and Highways Department (RHD) with the aim of inspiring, recognizing and supporting excellence in Transportation Engineering research. Currently, BRRL has four main areas of endeavor: quality control monitoring of all zones of RHD, soil investigation for design and remedial purposes, research on transportation engineering and periodic updating of standard specifications and standard test procedures.

BRRL is committed to encourage knowledge sharing, foresight planning and greater interaction between academia, policy makers, leaders and those engaged in diverse commercial activities. Through its own researchers it looks to provide fresh insight and understanding that is underpinned by creditable research methods and a thorough and objective approach.

BRRL strives to ensure that it takes a holistic approach to its work, whilst remaining open to new methods, ideas and ways of thinking. Whilst much of what BRRL does is focused on the challenges of the here and now, it sets considerable store by foresight planning, and is keen to play its part in combating the scourge of short-termism in the public sector. BRRL believes that it is more important than ever to venture forth from our professional redoubts, hence the particular value and relevance of the international conference, which will attract participants and observers who are policy makers, seasoned practitioners and thought leaders in the transportation engineering field.

BRRL invites you to get in contact to have the opportunity to learn and progress which encourages fresh thinking and the desire to break new ground and forge a future that fosters greater confidence and a commitment to excellence in transportation engineering sector.